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MyLoyalty App - Real-Time Engagement For Millions Of Consumers

  • Customer-enabled, location-based communication features create real-time engagement
  • MyLoyalty App allows retailers to collect, retain and leverage shopping data
  • Retailers can use existing technology to get started
  • MyDigitalCard offers patented, convenient, secure shopping experience for customers

COLUMBUS, October 28, 2015 -- Alliance Data Systems Corporation's card services business, a premier provider of private label, co-brand and business credit programs, launches its proprietary retailer-branded mobile MyLoyalty App. The app is customized to each brand and provides customers with the ability to apply, shop, earn and connect with their favorite brands.

Retailers and customers may choose from a variety of features including the ability to apply for a store-brand credit card, make purchases with the MyDigitalCard, and earn and redeem rewards at the point of sale. All apps feature native account management so that customers can easily manage their rewards and card account on the go. Alliance Data’s MyLoyalty App offers robust location-based messaging via MyMessages, including geofence and beacon location services for all major malls in America.

"Retailers are continually seeking the best ways to connect and interact with their most loyal customers," said Sheryl McKenzie, vice president of product and capabilities for Alliance Data’s card services business. "Through the App’s MyMessages feature, customers may enable in-app offers, rewards and marketing messages. When you couple that with our location-aware features, retailers can communicate when the message is most relevant – when the customer is near a mall or in a store. That connection creates powerful engagement."

MyLoyalty App is available today; retailers who launched this month are Marathon and Trek, with additional brands such as Toyota (NYSE: TM), Lexus, New York & Company (NYSE: NWY), Catherines, Venus and West Elm (NYSE: WSM) launching soon. Retailers can choose to launch and customize a stand-alone app or use the seamless plugin within their existing brand app. The apps will offer brands a quick-to-market and easy-to-use loyalty and payments solution that works on both Apple and Android devices.

"Our customers are busy women who are always on the go, the upcoming launch of our new industry-leading mobile app experience will be the perfect technology to support their active lifestyles," said Milton Pappas, chief digital officer at New York & Company. "We will be able to easily integrate Alliance Data’s MyLoyalty App plugin into our New York & Company app, so that our customers can pay with their NY&C Rewards Credit Card and manage their account from the convenience of their mobile device."

"We are working with our brand partners to put mobile functionality in our cardmembers’ hands with a brand-immersive experiencethat will increase customer engagement and allow us to lead the market in mobile tender share," said Jami Dewolf, chief marketing officer of Alliance Data’s card services business. "We will deliver customized and integrated mobile solutions that connect our clients with their customers in the moments that matter. We will combine this power with our unmatched customer insights, driving greater spend across all channels."

The MyLoyalty App enables the collection and analysis of transaction (SKU-level) data, allowing brands to deliver a more personalized shopping experience. Alliance Data proprietary data indicates that its retail cardmembers spend an average of 31 percent more per transaction when they use their digital card versus their plastic card. According to the Alliance Data Retail App Attitudes Survey , 70 percent of respondents indicated they are likely to use a retailer app as a form of mobile payment for their store credit card, and 85 percent indicated they are likely to download their favorite retailer’s app if it offers features they believe to be important, such as special offers and coupons, rewards status redemption and points balances. MyLoyalty App has looked well beyond payments to provide a suite of value for both brand partners and consumers.

The MyCardRewards and MyDigitalCard options allow customers to redeem rewards or pay for purchases via the app. Both are designed with flexibility, security and convenience in mind and will fit the specific technological and operational needs of brand partners. MyDigitalCard has patented security features, adding another layer of protection to the card.

"If a customer has his or her phone, they have their rewards coupons and favorite brand’s credit card right there in their pocket or purse all the time – it’s really that simple," added McKenzie.

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Alliance Data's Card Services business is a leading provider of tailored marketing and loyalty solutions, delivered through branded credit programs that drive more profitable relationships between our brand partners and cardmembers. We offer private label, co-brand, and business products to many of the world's most recognizable brands across a multitude of channels. We uphold our Know more. Sell more.® promise by leveraging unmatched customer insights, advanced analytics, and broad-reaching innovative capabilities. It's how we deliver increased sales to our partners, build enduring loyalty to their brands, and provide more value to our cardmembers. Alliance Data's Card Services business is a proud part of the Alliance Data enterprise. To learn more, visit or follow us on Twitter @Know_SellMore.

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