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The Case for Frictionless: Creating a Better Customer Experience

More than ever, shoppers seek (and expect) a seamless customer experience from the brands they love — an experience that transcends channels and devices.

It’s why leading brands are examining every aspect of their customer interactions and remain focused on evolving their omnichannel presence and delivery. The ultimate goal is to provide customers with the ability to interact and shop across channels, creating a seamless, fluid and frictionless brand experience.

Frictionless techniques can change the way customers relate to and interact with brands. These techniques help to create a smoother, easier and ultimately better overall shopping experience. When employed effectively, they lead to deeper relationships and enhanced engagement, which results in greater sales growth.

A frictionless experience is now a must-have for brands who want to engage, retain and grow their customer base through their established commerce channels. No longer a “nice-to-have” concept, frictionless brand experiences produce real business results

Brands looking to create a frictionless customer experience should keep the following themes in mind:

  • A customer-first mindset
  • Consistency in messaging aligned with overall brand strategy, across channels
  • Simplicity and ease in navigation
  • A clearly-defined user path from channel to channel



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