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Brick-and-mobile is the new standard for a personalized cross-channel brand experience

The retail landscape is evolving. Phone in hand, consumers can shop anytime, anywhere. Brands are constantly working to reach their best customers in the channels they prefer most, because an easy shopping experience is non-negotiable. 

Online shopping will only continue to grow, but shopping in store is still an essential part of the consumer shopping experience.

According to our latest consumer shopping study, “The generational perspective: How our past defines our future buying behaviors,” more than 75% of all consumers still want to see a product in store. Consumers will always want to touch and feel before they buy — that’s the difference between the in-store experience and the mobile-shopping experience. But brands need to focus less on what channels customers are shopping in and more on overall experience, both online and in store. While payment security (89%), easy brand interactions (76%), and transparent promotions (71%) are most influential when choosing where to shop, when asked about their most memorable shopping experiences, we found that consumers across all generations rank customer service #1.

When it comes to stellar customer service, online retailers have mastered the art of knowing the customer.

They understand their needs. And traditional brick-and-mortar retailers aim to replicate that model. But overall, brands that create a consistently positive experience across the board will hit the mark.

The new brick-and-mobile standard creates opportunities for retailers to enhance the in-store shopping experience based on what’s working well online. One way to do this is to borrow some strategies brands already use online, like collecting data to personalize the shopping experience. Enter: in-store clienteling. It’s a technique used by retail sales associates to build long-term relationships with customers based on data about their preferences and purchase behaviors.

Alliance Data has launched Notable℠, an easy-to-use, retailer-branded clienteling app to help brands take the in-store customer experience to the next level by providing shoppers with relevant, personalized product recommendations and more. The results of our initial pilot showed a 15-20% increase in sales and new customer data capture.

A face-to-face exchange with a sales associate is a priceless benefit of the brick-and-mortar retail experience, and Notable places advanced technology in the hands of those with the greatest opportunity to engage customers, enhancing that experience.

Consumers are used to seeing product recommendations based on clicks and past purchases when they shop online — and they want that same personalization when shopping in store.

Notable uses the same advanced analytics capabilities used online, and it arms retail sales associates with the tools they need to create meaningful, personalized interactions with customers by quickly accessing transaction history, past consultations, purchase histories, loyalty levels, product preferences, and customer wish lists. For example, if a customer saves favorited items to their wish list online, an in-store associate can see this and help them find what they need in real time. It creates a seamless online-to-in-store shopping experience. Notable also creates timely reminders to help associates follow up with customers (be that days, weeks, etc.), ultimately helping to facilitate a deeper customer relationship.


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