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Alliance Data’s innovative spirit on display at inaugural company Hackathon

At Alliance Data, innovation is in our DNA and is part of what we do each day—but sometimes, it pays to shake up the process of idea generation to spark new and innovative solutions.

That was the thinking behind the first-ever Alliance Data Hackathon in November, during which more than 100 cross-functional associates on 21 teams came together to get creative, think outside the box, and generate actionable ideas that can make a difference for our brand partners, cardmembers, and associates. And they did it all in less than 24 hours, with some teams working through the night to bring their solutions to life.

Associates representing nearly every area of Alliance Data explored opportunities ranging from new and creative ways to make the customer experience better, to helping associates quickly find answers to their questions, to enhancing IT tools and resources.

The prestigious panel of judges
The prestigious panel of judges

The Hackathon concluded with each team presenting their idea (some already equipped with working digital prototypes) to a panel of judges, who asked questions and scored each idea for its:

  • Originality
  • Business potential
  • User experience
  • Collaboration
  • Presentation

The prize-winning first place team, “The Hacksters”

Of course, the Hackathon is just the beginning. The concepts generated at the Hackathon will be shared across Alliance Data so that the right teams can pick up where the Hackathon left off and bring the best ideas to life.  

“Great ideas can come from anywhere within Alliance Data,” said Eileen Ouellette, VP, Information Technology, who was one of the Hackathon judges. “The Hackathon format allowed those ideas to quickly rise and take shape, and I was impressed by the creativity, wide variety of challenges tackled, and thoughtfulness we saw on presentation day.”

Through a culture of continuous innovation, Alliance Data associates are challenged to think of each day as its own mini-Hackathon—with the same spirit of creativity, and hopefully a little more sleep.




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